Knowing Your Denture Options

Your smile matters – often much more than many realize. Having a healthy smile means improved confidence, better self-esteem, better ability to have a positive impression on others, and an easier time eating your favorite foods. And while regular care can help tremendously, there may come a time when you end up losing teeth for…

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What Are Partial Dentures For?

A partial denture is one of the most common tools we use in the field of dentistry. Functionally they are largely the same as full dentures with the primary purpose being to replace missing teeth. These types of dentures are made from a wide variety of materials including plastic, acrylic, and ceramic. To construct one…

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The Reality of Permanent Dentures

One’s oral care can be of utmost importance both for aesthetic reasons and overall health. Yet, there are several treatment options and little time to complete research. Many patients want permanent solutions instead of having to come in for various maintenance type jobs again and again. It can become frustrating and that is never a…

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