Is There Such A Thing As Permanent Dentures?

Franklin Square has a long history that dates back to around 1790, even earlier. And the nearly 30,000 who live here see firsthand many of the historical sites throughout the area. They also get to enjoy the benefit of numerous technological advances, one of which is permanent dentures. While it sounds strange, permanent dentures have…

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Why You Need A Pro For Your Denture Services

With nearly 30,000 residents, Franklin Square is a densely populated part of Long Island. And while it’s busy here, that doesn’t mean that residents should expect anything less than the best in all of their business dealings. Even something like getting dentures calls for a professional, and at Island Dental Associates we believe that you…

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Understanding The Process of Denture Relines

Once the gums and jaw bones are no longer supporting natural teeth they can change shape and shrink. Patients who were fitted for dentures several years ago may begin to notice that their dentures are fitting looser than they were in the beginning. Denture relining is a process where the portion of the denture that…

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How to Fix Loose Dentures: Mini Dental Implants

Many elderly people have dentures when their natural teeth develop problems that are too difficult to fix with fillings and caps. Unfortunately, even though their dentures may fit well when they first get them, they tend to become loose within a few years. This is most often the result of shrinkage of gum tissue; something…

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Understanding Denture Relines

Long Island is home to over 7 million people, and a huge number of them live in the Franklin Square area. The population is very diverse here, but one thing almost everyone will need eventually is dental care. One aspect of denture care that may need to be dealt with is the fitting of and…

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What is Involved in a Denture Reline?

It is important to realize that dentures need to be maintained in order to offer an individual with the most effective use. The costs related in dentures does not end after the dentures are purchased, they require follow up appointments, cleaning, relining and other accessories when necessary. Follow up appointments are essential for the individual…

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