Advantages Of An On-Site Denture Lab

Dental emergencies are extremely annoying because patients are either in great pain or in impossibility to feed themselves. Both situations can be dramatic, therefore it is important for a dental clinic to be able to provide emergency services to its patients. We can do all these for our patients. Thanks to our on-site denture lab,…

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Do Your Teeth Have What It Takes?

A smile is one of your most valuable assets, alerting others that you are both friendly and agreeable, whether you’re in a business or social arena. Imagine trying to make yourself picture perfect for a dinner party with all of your colleagues. No matter how beautiful your facial features are, no matter how physically sculpted…

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Denture Reline Defined And Explained

If your dentures are not fitting properly, you may need a denture reline. This is a procedure wherein the part of your denture that touches your gums and soft palate of your mouth is relined with a softer, more comfortable material. This procedure can help your dentures conform with the shape of your mouth for…

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Is Your Mouth Making You Sick?

Have you been taking care of your teeth? At both Island Dental Associates and Shine Dental Associates, located here in Franklin Square on Long Island, we care about your teeth. We want them to be at their best so that you can be at your best. Even if that means obtaining dentures to camouflage past…

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How To Keep Those Dentures Dazzling

If you want your dentures to take care of you, you must take care of them. Consistent and proper care will always yield the best results, allowing your dentures to have the longevity you desire. Removal & Storage Use your thumb against your front teeth, pushing upward and outward in order to remove your top…

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