Common FAQ’s Regarding Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants or MDI’s are one of the more recent and unique innovations in the field of dentistry. In so many words, the procedure has changed the implant placement procedure significantly. MDI’s have eliminated the need for surgical procedures, unlike full implant placement which requires multiple visits to the dentist. Most importantly, the treatment…

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Going All The Way

Modern dentistry has come a long way since the days of carved wooden teeth and painful procedures. New dentures have become innovative not just in terms of appearance and function, but also in terms of fit and maintenance. Even full replacements are benefiting from advances in reconstructive surgery and single tooth replacements to give denture…

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A Brand New Smile

Individuals who have worn dentures for years may think that their initial investment in this replacement work can provide a lifetime solution. When care for properly, dentures will generally last about five to eight years before any major replacement considerations need to be made. However, this does not account for unexpected damages and chips that…

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Growing Is A Part Of Life

Denture wearers frequently look to adhesives as a way of achieving a better fit between their palate and the synthetic dental plate. This can be a viable solution in many case, but if you are finding that your full dentures a frequently slipping and shifting, there may be other issues at work. Another problem that…

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