Getting Back In Line

Oral health is an important part of wellness, and should never be overlooked just because the natural teeth are no longer present. In fact, people who have full or even partial dentures should be even more conscious of the changes that happen within the soft tissue and the structure of the mouth, as this can…

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Gaining Stability And Enjoying Life

One of the greatest concerns that many denture wearers face is the way that their prosthetics fit. While this can be true for partial dentures and bridges, many clients with full dentures find that this can be an ongoing issue that seems to worsen over time. There are several reasons why dentures will begin to…

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Where Appearance And Health Intersect

Dental and oral health can be the culmination of a number of factors. Some aspects of oral health come down to genetics, while others may be attributed to lifestyle factors. Since all of these variables can impact dentition in different ways, it can also result in a number of manifest situations that need to be…

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