The Advantages Of Permanent Dentures

Many individuals today are well aware of the problems associated with wearing dentures. This includes the discomfort and irritation they can cause as well as those embarrassing moments when they slide or slip whenever you are eating or speaking. Island Dental Associates and Shine Dental Associates are well aware of these issues and will recommend…

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The 4 Basic Types Of Denture Relines

When you first get full dentures or partial dentures, it takes some adjustment to finally get used to them. During that time, you may experience some discomfort or irritation where your dentures touch the gum tissue and surrounding skin. In some cases, a material known as a “reline” will be applied to that area of…

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A Brand New Smile

Living well and staying healthy seems as though it should be a simple task that follows some basic rules for eating, exercising, and maintaining mood. However, as new trends to promote wellness seem to be discovered every day, it can be difficult to discern what is really best for the body. Since everyone’s goals and…

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Natural Beauty And Confidence

One of the biggest concerns for many people who wear full or partial dentures is slippage. In some cases, this worry may be one that impedes confidence, as having a bridge come loose or dentures come out while in public can be an embarrassment. Other people are more troubled about getting food particles stuck between…

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A Quick Fix For Unexpected Nicks

We have all heard the saying that accidents happen, yet, we always seem surprised when they do. It seems that even when people have an awareness that life may not always go as planned, this does not change the sense of panic that results, and the sense of urgency that is felt in rectifying the…

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