Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

You’ve put it off for a while now.  You’ve ignored the pain, the discomfort.  You’ve said that you’ll see a dentist eventually, but eventually keeps getting further and further away.  Your friends notice that you no longer want to go out socially, and you’ve stopped smiling.  You’ve even gone out of your way to avoid…

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Once Upon A Time

There’s no reason why grandmother should suffer with ill-fitting dentures.  In fact, no one should suffer with dentures that shift, fall out, are uncomfortable, or look unnatural.  Your teeth are a part of your smile and your smile says a lot about you.  When you smile often, people feel comfortable around you.  When you don’t…

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What Is A Permanent Denture?

The world of cosmetic dentistry is quite large, and involves a wide range of different procedures that can help improve the quality of your smile, your ability to eat, and even your self-esteem and self-confidence. That’s a key reason why a huge percentage of the nearly 8 million people living on Long Island may need…

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