Stable Dentures Are Comfortable Dentures

Getting dentures gives you a new way to live. You can eat, talk, and smile again without feeling self-conscious over missing teeth.  But if your dentures don’t fit quite right, you might feel like you’re having more trouble than before you got them. Unstable And Uncomfortable Using a denture adhesive powder, paste, or gel can…

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Should You Replace Missing Teeth?

It can be difficult to care for your teeth. Over time, your teeth can begin to decay. You may think that this is harmless, and it’s not necessary to replace your teeth. However, there are significant benefits to obtaining immediate dentures and replacing your missing teeth. 

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Jump In Line For Your Denture Reline

As time passes, your jawline and teeth will shift. The result is dentures that do not fit properly. Your dentist should be able to reline dentures, ensuring your dentures fit properly and perform like they are intended to! Denture relining is an affordable procedure that reshapes the lining, or underside, of your denture.

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What Are Dentures, Exactly?

Dentures have been around for some time, although it’s safe to say they have come a long way! The technology and process for dentures has significantly evolved, to the point where you can now obtain same day dentures. The First Dentures Dentures have been around for a few thousand years. Etruscans in northern Italy first…

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