Hard Relines Versus Soft Relines

When your dentures stop fitting as snugly as they should, you can bring them into your preferred denture service. Assuming you aren’t better off replacing your dentures, your denture experts can reline the appliances so that they’ll fit snugly on your gums again. You should expect to do this every two years or so, although…

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4 Denture-Damaging Foods

Whether partial or full, dentures give a new life to your mouth and allow you to chew most of the foods your natural teeth could handle. However, there are a few foods that dentures don’t handle well, foods that are a challenge for regular teeth or often contribute to cavities. If you don’t want to…

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Reasons Why You Should Fix Loose Dentures

After teeth become pulled and roots get removed from the socket, there is nothing left to stimulate the gums or promote bone growth. The action does not seem like too big of a deal to denture wearers at the time. However, fast forward to around 7-years later, and they will likely be singing another tune….

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