3 Things That Can Happen If You Don’t Wear Your Dentures

3 Things That Can Happen If You Don’t Wear Your DenturesIf you’ve lost teeth and have replaced them with dentures, you might be enjoying life with your new smile. If your dentures are bothering you, however, you might not be wearing them as often as you should.

Some people won’t even bother putting them in unless they’re leaving the house if they’ve become too bothersome. If you’re leaving your dentures on the counter instead of in your mouth, it can cause three problems that you might not even realize.

1) Teeth and jaw trouble. The first problem with not wearing your dentures can be with your remaining teeth. Though dentures are not as powerful as your natural teeth, they still give you the ability to chew your food. When you try to chew without your dentures, it puts additional pressure on your remaining teeth and gums that can cause problems like TMJ and gum disease. Plus, without the pressure of chewing regularly, your jawbone can become weaker over time.

2) Poor digestion. Not chewing your food well can then lead to digestive problems. Food that is not broken down properly can cause an incomplete digestion process which can not only rob you of the nutrients you need, but can lead to bacterial growth in the colon. Chewing also signals the digestive system to begin its intricate process, and without chewing, the process can get disrupted.

3) The fit will change. If you don’t wear your dentures regularly, they won’t fit right when you need them. When teeth are lost, the bone in your jaw begins to slowly become reabsorbed by your body. Having dentures in place can stall this process, but not wearing them can accelerate it to the point where they won’t fit when you want to go someplace special.

Our Denture Repair Lab Can Bring You Comfort

If something is keeping you from wearing your dentures regularly, see your dentist to determine the problem. Many times, it’s just a matter of a simple adjustment that can make them comfortable to wear again. With a Long Island denture repair lab on site in our office, you’ll never be without your teeth for long. Our denture repair lab will make the changes you need so you won’t face the problems that can happen when you don’t wear them.