4 Tips For Proper Denture Care

4 Tips For Proper Denture CareWhen you first get your new dentures at one of our two Long Island offices (Island Dental Associates in Franklin Square or Shine Dental Associates in Syosset), there are a few things that we recommended you consider. One thing you need to be concerned with is the proper care of your dentures. This is important where the health of your dentures, as well as your mouth, is concerned. Here are 4 helpful tips to consider:

• Brush and rinse your dentures on a daily basis – you have to treat your dentures just like you would treat your natural teeth. This means brushing and rinsing them every day. This is important for removing food particles and deterring plaque build-up. It will also help you prevent permanent staining.

• Care for your dentures when you aren’t wearing them – in order to prevent your dentures from drying out or losing their shape, you need to keep them moist whenever you are not wearing them. A denture cleaning solution or even plain water will keep them moist. We can also recommend some of the better methods for the care of your dentures.

• Handle your new dentures with care – you should take certain precautions when handling your dentures to protect against damage. For instance, when you are handling them, stand over some folded paper towels or a sink full of water in order to avoid dropping them and causing damage to them.

• Use a good denture cleaner to clean your dentures – you should never clean your dentures with bleach, certain household cleansers, and toothpastes as they may be too abrasive and can damage the surface of them. Ultrasonic cleansers work best and should be considered before your other options.

We can provide you with denture care instructions when you get fitted with your new dentures. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Island Dental Associates or Shine Dental Associates today.