5 Signs Your Dentures Are In Need Of Denture Repair

5 Signs Your Dentures Are In Need Of Denture Repair According to the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, 37.5 million Americans will be wearing full dentures by the year 2020. What current and future denture wearers will know is that during the life of your dentures, you will find yourself in need of denture repair. Some signs of needed denture repair are obvious, and others not so much, and particularly to those who are new to dentures. 5 signs your dentures are in need of denture repair are:

1. Broken teeth

Broken teeth are an obvious sign of denture repair need, although some think that they can fix the problem themselves at home using household adhesives. When a tooth is broken on dentures, they should always be given to a dental professional for denture repair, as a home fix won’t last and may result in a long-term irregular fit even if the home repair “sticks”.

2. Difficult time chewing

Dentures aren’t simply for aesthetic reasons, they also help patients missing teeth to chew properly. When a person first gets their dentures, whether conventional or same day, they will find that chewing with their new teeth takes a bit of an adjustment period. However, if you find that the difficulty chewing returns after you’ve grown used to your dentures, this may be a sign that your dentures are in need of denture repair.

3. They’re uncomfortable

Your dentures may never feel like your natural teeth in terms of comfort, but you will grow used to them over time. If your dentures seem to cause continuous discomfort while chewing, pain in your jaw, or facial pain, your dentures may need to be repaired to ensure the comfort you need.

4. Pressure and oral sores

If you find that you’re getting more canker sores than usual, or pressure sores are forming on your gums, these could be caused by ill-fitting or dentures in need of repair. Working and well-fitting dentures should distribute pressure evenly throughout your mouth.

5. Changes in speech

If you find you’re developing a lisp you never had before, or excessive salivation is making speaking difficult, the problem could lie in dentures in need of repair. Wearing new dentures can take some getting used to and cause some speech abnormalities, but these should go away and not come back as long as your dentures are in good working order.