7 Worst Foods For Dentures

7 Worst Foods For DenturesProper denture care can take some cleaning and care, but it can also mean watching what you eat and drink. That’s why we made a list of the top 7 foods you should try to limit or avoid in your diet to keep your dentures strong and healthy.

1) Coffee and tea

While your morning cup of coffee or tea won’t hurt in moderation, larges amounts can be dehydrating and cause you to have dry mouth. If you still need the caffeine to wake yourself up in the morning, just make sure you’re also getting a healthy amount of non-diuretic fluids to help with saliva flow and lubrication. 

2) Popcorn

Most people know that popcorn has a tendency to get lodged in your teeth pretty easily. This is no different for denture wearers and getting it out can be quite painful at times. Instead why not trade your popcorn in for some air-puffed veggie crisps. These give you the same salty flavor with less trouble.

3) Sticky or chewy candy

With all the tasty holiday treats around, this one can seem pretty challenging. Dentists have never been big fans of these chewy and sticky candies for anyone, but they can be pretty damaging for denture wearers. Instead try to chew sugar-free gum so that you can get some sweetness without hurting your dentures.

4) Nuts

As you can image, nuts are not something dentures can handle. Even your own natural teeth can have trouble with these tough snacks. Though with all their great benefits, it can be tough to leave them off your plate. Instead try replacing nuts with pitted olives which are much easier to chew and have many of the same benefits.

5) Raw fruits and vegetables

We hate to put this one on the list because fruits and vegetables do wonders for your oral health. However, the raw crunch is often too much for your dentures to handle. Try cutting up your fruits and vegetables into smaller bites or cook them first to make them softer to chew on. You can even throw them into the blender for a great smoothie! Whatever you do, don’t remove fruits and vegetables from your diet.

6) Peanut butter

Like all nuts, peanut butter is a wonderful source of protein. However, we can’t ignore the damage peanut butter’s sticky quality can do to your dentures. Instead try to choose non-sticky protein spreads such as hummus, tapenades, and spreadable salads (such as tuna, salmon, chicken, or egg) to add to your bread or crackers.

7) Steak

Steak can be a delicious treat, but not for your teeth. This hard to chew food is often more than your dentures can handle. If you still want to enjoy your steak dinners, make sure to cut them up into small pieces that won’t require as much chewing. You may also prefer to eat ground meats, chicken or fish which are much easier to handle.