A Better Way To Stabilize Your Dentures

A Better Way To Stabilize Your DenturesFor denture wearers, unstable dentures are a constant concern. At Island Dental Associates, we have a different type of solution for the problem of unstable dentures, and this is a solution that doesn’t involve messy adhesives or similar denture stabilization products. With mini dental implants, you dentures can remain stable in a different sort of way, and you won’t need to worry about searching for that perfect adhesive that finally works.

Mini dental implants differ somewhat from traditional full dental implants, but they do utilize the same sort of concept. With mini dental implants, the posts placed within the mouth won’t be used to anchor in a permanent crown to replace a missing tooth, but your dentures instead, and all types of dentures can be fabricated to work with a mini implant installation.

The first step in getting mini dental implants is the placement of the posts, and this is a far less painful process than you may think. A series of small titanium posts will be installed within the gums and into the place where a natural tooth root structure would be, and the ends of these posts will allow your dentures to “snap” into place to be held by the posts in a sturdier fashion. While these posts are being installed, you’ll be numbed sufficiently, so you won’t need to worry about feeling any part of the procedure. After the posts have been installed, most patients feel little to no discomfort at all, and any small amount of pain can be managed with a simple over the counter pain medication like acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

A new or current set of dentures will then be fabricated to accept these posts, and you may be able to simply use your current dentures as they’re modified to work with mini dental implant posts. When putting on your dentures, rather than using an adhesive, you’ll simply be able to snap the dentures onto the posts, allowing them to stay securely in position all day.

Mini dental implants provide a way for denture wearers to have the confidence they need to happily chew, speak, and go about their daily lives without worrying about their dentures slipping or growing more unstable throughout the day. At Island Dental Associates, we find that mini dental implants are an excellent solution for many of our denture wearing patients, and to learn more about mini dental implants, simply call us for a consultation today!