A Brand New Smile

A Brand New SmileLiving well and staying healthy seems as though it should be a simple task that follows some basic rules for eating, exercising, and maintaining mood. However, as new trends to promote wellness seem to be discovered every day, it can be difficult to discern what is really best for the body. Since everyone’s goals and physiology is different, this can further confuse the issue.

For denture wearers, this can also become an overwhelming practice, especially when it comes to dietary choices. Foods which are healthy for the body may not always be so for dentures, and this can create somewhat of a dilemma. However, the point of a good set of dentures is to maintain quality of life rather than detract from it. To that end, many people with prosthetic teeth will simply adapt behaviors in order to still enjoy their tastes, while taking some extra care to avoid damage.

Pros And Cons

One very positive thing that denture wearers do find is that some foods that can be corrosive to tooth enamel will not actually affect the porcelain of the prosthetics in the same manner. This also allows for an enjoyment of variety which is not influenced by any sensitivities, since the nerve endings of the natural teeth are no longer present. For many people who need full dentures, this actually opens up a world of new flavors.

Although dentures wear differently than natural teeth, they will still be affected by stains. This can mean that soaking and cleansing measures do need to be carefully observed in order to keep up the natural appearance of the teeth. At times, full dentures may also need to be re-fabricated, since staining can happen unevenly. Some denture wearers will put this off, thinking that the process will be too time consuming to fit into their lifestyle.

Getting Back To Normal

At Island Dental Associates in Franklin Square and our Shine Dental Associates office in Syosset, we have in house labs for denture fabrication. This allows for same day repairs and fabrication that can be the answer to restoring the beauty of set of dentures. The service will also let our clients resume their normal practices of eating and enjoying life with immediacy, and without the embarrassment of old looking dentures.

The point of replacement teeth is to boost confidence and to maintain the quality of life that people are used to. These factors are a part of emotional and physical wellness, and are also basics of a healthy lifestyle that do not change with trends. If you are in need of a new set of dentures, or even just a simple repair, then we encourage you to book an appointment for same day service. The results will have you smiling again in no time.