A Brand New Smile

A Brand New SmileIndividuals who have worn dentures for years may think that their initial investment in this replacement work can provide a lifetime solution. When care for properly, dentures will generally last about five to eight years before any major replacement considerations need to be made. However, this does not account for unexpected damages and chips that may occur by accident, or through improper cleanings.

One big factor that denture wearers do not always consider is the fact that the substance used to create these teeth is softer then natural dentin and enamel. This means that abrasions on the surface can cause fissures that will eventually lead to cracks. These problems may occur form normal use such as eating harder to chew foods, but can also occur from actions such as trying to brush a set of dentures. All of this will lead to the need for a sooner replacement.

Innovations Abound

Advances within the dental industry have also led to some changes in the in the composition of replacement teeth. Older dentures have been made out of combinations of porcelain, acrylic, and plastic. Newer technologies utilize combinations of metal and resin, and this lead not only to sturdier dentures, but also ones that are less apt to stain or chip. Even if your dentures are still close to that five year mark, you may want to consider getting some expert advice about the changing options that are available to you.

Shine Dental has been serving Syosset and surrounding Long Island communities for over twenty years, and can help you look into the possibilities having new dentures fabricated. Our experienced staff can offer you a consultation on your current dentures and oral needs, and present solutions that will set you up with a better smile. A visit to our website illustrates many of the services that we render, and also give you an overview of how these may lead to a better quality of life.

Out With The Old

We have encountered many patients who made the initial step to having dentures fabricated because they wanted to enjoy life more fully. This includes feeling more confident in social situations, and also being able to enjoy eating and even communicating with others. With newer fabrication methods currently in use, you may wish to consider upgrading to continue to enhance your lifestyle. New dentures can improve both cosmetic and functional aspects of your daily routine, and are a good way to bring a smile to your face.