A Quick Fix For Unexpected Nicks

A Quick Fix For Unexpected NicksWe have all heard the saying that accidents happen, yet, we always seem surprised when they do. It seems that even when people have an awareness that life may not always go as planned, this does not change the sense of panic that results, and the sense of urgency that is felt in rectifying the situation. However, sometimes having the knowledge of where to turn to for help can help to calm the emotions and allow for an effective solution to be found.

Just A Scratch

At Island Dental Associates and Shine Dental Associates, we have seen clients who have experienced both major and minor mishaps with their dentures. Interestingly, larger accidents, such as breaking the prosthetic by stepping on it or cracking the palate of the denture from wear, will tend to result in a faster addressing of the problem. Since we do fabrications within the labs in our offices, both repairs and new dentures can all be accomplished on the same day as the emergency visit. This brings a great peace of mind to many if our client.

What we have also noticed, is that minor mishaps tend to be let go for longer, and this can cause greater problems in the long run. One client had chipped one of their prosthetic teeth on a seed in a piece of bread, but figured that this was not a major issue. Although dentures will not succumb to cavities or the ensuing pain in the same way that natural teeth do, a breakage can still result in larger damage. What had first been a small chip for this client slowly grew into a fracture along the entire face of the porcelain tooth, which then split in half.

Of course, the client now needed to have a larger repair done on the dentures, although it was still a manageable task that was accomplished within the day. When asked why he had not come in sooner, he stated that he felt the chip was too small of an issue to bother us with.

The fact is that any imperfection or accident that may happen to a set of dentures is a large deal to us, because it can affect our clients’ health and their wellbeing. This makes even the smallest of cracks or scratches an important issue to take care of with immediacy, and we are glad to ensure that quality of life and comfort are always maintained.

If you have noticed any large or small imperfections in your full or partial dentures, then we urge you to contact our offices in Franklin Square or Syosset. We have emergency dentistry and in house fabrication that can take care of any issue you are experiencing, so that you can return to your normal life and function with speed.