Advantages Of An On-Site Denture Lab

Dental emergencies are extremely annoying because patients are either in great pain or in impossibility to feed themselves. Both situations can be dramatic, therefore it is important for a dental clinic to be able to provide emergency services to its patients.

We can do all these for our patients. Thanks to our on-site denture lab, we are able to fix your broken dentures right on the spot. We can also make you a new crown in a one-day appointment. Since our lab is just inside the dental office, we save a lot on the commuting time, so the dental technicians can start working on your dentures as soon as the doctor finishes his part of the job.

All dental procedures that require laboratory work are much accelerated, thanks to the fact that the communication between dentists and lab technicians happens instantly, with the patient waiting for his work to be finished. Having an on-site lab is not so common for dental practices, therefore we do have a competitive advantage by being able to offer same day dentures, reliners, partials and repairs.

If you wish to try our dental services, you’re welcome to visit us any time. It would be best, though, to call for an appointment before you show up, so you don’t have to wait in line, in case we have a busy day.

If your denture is just fine, you could still save our telephone number in your agenda, because you never know when it could break. If that happens, don’t hesitate to call us. Even if we are busy with other patients, we are able to find room in our schedule for emergencies like yours, so you don’t have to stay without teeth for longer than a few hours or maximum one day.