Affordable Emergency Denture Repair in Syosset, NY

Are You in Need of Fast, Affordable Denture Repair, Relining, or Fabrication?

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At Shine Dental Associates in Syosset Long Island we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality and affordability in denture repairs, relines, and same-day tooth placement.

We fabricate same day full and partial dentures, as well as cosmetic flexible dentures.

Walk-in emergencies are welcome!

Our on-site denture lab and porcelain lab will provide you with perfect color matching giving you amazing results and you will leave smiling, knowing that you made the right choice.

Why choose us for your dentures

Let Us Help You Design The Smile Of Your Dreams
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  • Dental implants placed and restored in our office
  • Implants placed in order to retain and stabilize loose dentures and to create an open palate so that you can taste your food better and completely reduce the gagging reflex
  • No more messy adhesives
  • Conventional office hours
  • All options will be explained to you prior to treatment, including the materials to be used.
  • Complimentary consultation for dentures, partials, and implants
  • All procedures performed in our office with our extremely experienced dentists and lab technicians
  • Insurance accepted and 0% financing for 24 months


Denture Repair Or Denture Replacement?

Dental health is important to everyone, from young children to seniors and every age between. Nobody intends to wear dentures at any point in their life, but a combination of various dental problems and limited resources sometimes make it necessary. If you are someone who wears dentures, your dentist has informed you about how important good denture care is. In spite of precautions, accidents do happen and dentures can be broken or damaged. While minor problems can be fixed with denture repairs, it is best to have your dentist evaluate whether or not a repair or replacement is the best choice.

Going without your dentures while they are being repaired may not seem like a good choice to you, but same-day denture repair is available. If the dentist who fitted you with your dentures does not offer the service, you can call Shine Dental Associates in Syosset – we’ll take care of repairing your dentures.

Same day dentures - never be without your teeth

It is important to note that super glue should never be used to to repair dentures since you could end up damaging them beyond repair.  While a friend or acquaintance may have successfully repaired their own dentures, it is advisable to have your dentures fixed by a professional. Kits for making denture repairs are available at a relatively low cost, but your repair is unlikely to last very long. You could also end up with a denture that does not fit well and causes sore areas in your mouth. Replacement of your denture may be necessary if the damage is so extensive it cannot be repaired.

While the advice may seem obvious, it is well worth any effort it takes to make sure your dentures are not damaged in any way. This means you should avoid biting on hard foods or accidentally dropping them while cleaning them or removing them.