Are Immediate Dentures In Your Immediate Future?

Are Immediate Dentures In Your Immediate Future? There is a common misconception that the process of obtaining dentures is a lengthy one that requires molds to be sent to a lab, who will then create the dentures and return them in a few weeks. Today, dentures can be obtained immediately. Immediate dentures allow you to have dental work performed without extended discomfort or the embarrassment of missing teeth.

Advantages Of Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are utilized right after teeth have been extracted. Doing so causes the dentures to act as a Band-Aid, reducing bleeding in your mouth while protecting your gums and tissues. Inserting dentures immediately following your extraction allows you the convenience of carrying on with your daily life. Your speech patterns and eating habits will not be affected. You will not see any facial distortion, which typically occurs once teeth are removed.

The Process Of Obtaining Immediate Dentures

Your dentist will first want to have a consultation with you and discuss your options for dentures. He will likely then take impressions of your teeth in their current state, in order to have an accurate depiction of your mouth. This will allow the dentist to create a precise denture that fits properly.

On the day of extraction, your dentures will be installed. Having a full-service dental lab on site makes the process of obtaining immediate dentures much easier. Your dentist will be able to make adjustments to your dentures without having to send them out to a lab, meaning you will still be able to walk out of the dentist’s office on the day of your tooth extraction with your full smile shining brightly.

After your procedure, you should follow the specific post-op instructions given to you by your dentist. You should also perform regular check-ups with your dentist to ensure that your mouth is healing properly and that your dentures are fitting correctly.