Are Implant Supported Dentures Something You Are Considering?

The dental field is constantly evolving and comes up with new innovations on a regular basis that benefit patients. Implant dentures is one of the most recent technologies that has been introduced: adhesive is not used by this specific type of denture but instead depends on metal implants that are placed inside of an individual’s upper palate or mandible.


Implanted supported dentures, unlike regular dentures, are nearly a custom fit for a person. The days are long gone when patients would get embarrassed due to losing her or his dentures when drinking, coughing, or sneezing. It helps as well with properly chewing food and increases the self-confidence of a person knowing that her or his new teeth are firmly fixed into one place.


When considering implant support dentures, one of the four main areas is cost. The professional services that are rendered, the number of teeth that need implants, and the materials that are used can add up easily to hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars.

In terms of your budget, try getting an internal financial arrangement set up with your dental practitioner or find out what can be covered by your health insurance. For example, propose to your dentist that you will pay a down payment that is a certain percentage and then the rest paid in installments. That type of an arrangement can help you with getting the implant support dentures that you need and help to reassure the dentist of you being legally obligated to pay your dental bills. Also check with your health insurance provider to see if your insurance will pay outright for implant dentures and then you pay them back in installments.

The second issue is viability since a dentist is the only one who can actually determine whether the condition of your jawbone is suited for implant dentures. Your dentist will conduct tests and study the results before making a final determination whether you are able to go through with the procedure or not. If you have a bone structure that fits the necessary criteria, then everything should proceed in clockwork fashion. For those who suffer from certain bone issues, additional procedures or preparations might be necessary before implant dentures can be placed.

Pain is the third and most likely the most uncertain concern to discuss. Many patients who have undergone the procedure will report that they felt some discomfort despite the new technology promising to provide the patient with the ultimate solution that produces the least amount of anxiety.

Pain is definitely a reality, so if you do happen to have a high tolerance, then the procedure may be smooth sailing for you. However, if your tolerance for pain is low, then you will need to discuss with your dentist or other health experts about potential pain management before you get implant dentures. Keep in mind that using pain killers isn’t a complete solution since it can result in adverse issues like addiction or internal organ damages.

It is a major decision to get implant supported dentures and the patient has to prepare themselves for it, particularly the recovery stages. Various individuals will have different healing times with some taking two or three months before they are healed, while others might take four months or longer. It is also necessary to visit the doctor and have a checkup so that a person with current health concerns or someone taking certain medications will get the right medical advice that will help to boost the healing process.