Are Permanent Dentures Right For Me?

Are Permanent Dentures Right For MeWhen it comes to dentures, there are many different decisions a person will need to make. With the help of their dental professional, they will be able to determine just what type of dentures are best suited for their particular situation, and this may include permanent dentures as well.

Permanent dentures are an easy solution when considering the long run, as they essentially replace all missing teeth in a way that requires no relines, adhesives, or new denture fittings. Permanent dentures are dental implants which are fused into the bone structure of the jaw, and for qualifying patients, this can be a very worthwhile alternative to the traditional denture.

The first part of a permanent denture procedure is the placement of titanium posts made to replicate the natural root of a tooth, and this post is what keeps the new permanent teeth in place. After the placement of these posts, some healing time will be needed, and this will give the posts a way to completely fuse with the jawbone for a sturdier and more secure anchored fit.

Once the post is placed, it may require an extension to be made ready for the crown, and this extension can be placed during the initial placement of the posts or afterwards depending on the patient’s situation. If the extensions are placed afterwards, this will require an additional 2 week healing period to allow the gum structure to be ready for the crowns.

After the crowns are placed, the patient will then have a complete set of permanent dentures ready to be used for eating, brushing, or flossing, and these will look and act just like a person’s natural teeth!

For patients with sturdy jawbone structure, permanent dentures are something we recommend at Island Dental Associates, due to their natural look and ease of use. While the procedure may seem like an intimidating one, our professionals use local anesthetics to eliminate any pain or discomfort felt, and many patients report that this process is not at all one to fear. Also, while permanent dentures may be a more expensive choice initially, the cost of maintaining these will often be less than traditional dentures in the long run.