Are You A Candidate For Full Dentures Or Partial Dentures?

Are You A Candidate For Full Dentures Or Partial Dentures?This is a common question that many of our current and past patients have asked us at our two Long Island facilities. In order to determine whether or not you are a candidate for getting dentures as well as the type of dentures to fit you with, there are a number of factors that need to be considered. There are basically three types of dentures to be concerned with:

  • Complete or full dentures – for individuals missing all of their natural teeth
  • Partial dentures – for individuals who are missing some of their natural teeth

On a positive note, individuals who are missing teeth have these 3 options above as well as other alternatives to consider. However, the differences between these options and your personal needs enable us to ultimately determine which type is going to be right for you. However, it will also help us to determine if another cosmetic dental option would best suit your needs as well. Consider the following:

  • Complete or full dentures – you may be a candidate for complete of full dentures if you are missing all of your natural teeth or there are only a few of them remaining. Bone loss due to aging, gum (periodontal) disease, and tooth decay are all issues that lead to losing all of your natural teeth. We can customize your dentures so you can once again enjoy chewing, eating, and speaking normally and to recreate your facial structure to make you look younger.
  • Partial dentures – if you are missing only a few of your teeth, partial dentures may be the solution. Injuries, malnutrition, and oral disease are the primary reasons that you lose some but not all of your teeth. Partial dentures are designed in order to fit between your remaining teeth and integrate with them thereby giving you the appearance of having a full set of teeth. However, other oral surgical procedures may be necessary, depending on the severity of your circumstances, in order to accommodate your new partial dentures.

Furthermore, you may need what we refer to as immediate dentures which are commonly fitted to those individuals who need to have all of their natural teeth extracted. Additionally, you may not need dentures at all if you are only missing one or two teeth. In this instance, we may recommend that you get dental implants. If you have thought about getting dentures but are not sure whether or not you are a candidate for them, we encourage you to contact Island Dental Associates or Shine Dental Associates today to schedule an appointment.