Temporary Tooth Replacement with Flexible Partial Dentures

Modern dentistry offers several great ways to permanently replace missing teeth including high-tech dental implants and traditional fixed bridgework. But sometimes, for one reason or another, it isn’t possible to have these treatments done right away. If you need an aesthetic way to temporarily replace missing teeth a flexible partial denture could be the answer…

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What Are The Benefits of Implant Retained Dentures?

Many people who have conventional dentures do not wear them simply because they do not stay in place. Implant supported dentures are a treatment option considered when a patient cannot tolerate the palate being completely covered because less material is used and it is a more comfortable fit. The chewing power of implant retained dentures…

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Best Tips For Maintaining Your Dentures

“Your teeth need to come out”… When you hear those words from your dentist it can feel hopeless, overwhelming and a little scary. Immediately, images of false teeth soaking on the nightstand in a glass of water come to mind. Maybe you’re afraid of looking old or that you will no longer be able to…

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All About Denture Rebasing and Repairs

Rebasing may be recommended when the teeth of your denture are still in good condition and have not worn out in comparison to the denture base material. Rebasing is the process of replacing the entire acrylic denture base providing a stable denture without replacing the denture teeth. A rebase for a denture maybe required if…

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Do Your Dentures Need To Be Relined?

New dentures will typically fit your mouth very securely as it has been designed specifically for your gums. As time goes on your gum tissues will change and the fit of the denture will become more loose and thus more prone to movement inside your mouth. Having the denture professionally relined every one to two…

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All About Partial Dentures

A removable partial denture is designed specifically to meet the needs of the patient and can replace one or more missing teeth. A natural appearance and speech clarity is restored along with the ability to eat more efficiently. Partial dentures are created out of a metal and acrylic composition or completely out of acrylic. A…

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All About Implant Retained Dentures

Usually, when you lose a tooth it is best for your oral health to have it replaced. Missing teeth can affect your “bite” as well as your ability to speak and chew. Their loss can increase the burden on your remaining teeth and can cause muscle pain in your jaws and headaches. And of course,…

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All About Immediate Dentures

An immediate denture may be the best solution when complete extractions of your remaining teeth is unavoidable. An immediate denture will allow you to avoid the embarrassment of living without teeth. We will begin the preparation for this procedure before your teeth are extracted. The first step is taking impressions of your existing teeth and…

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