Do Your Dentures Need To Be Relined?

New dentures will typically fit your mouth very securely as it has been designed specifically for your gums. As time goes on your gum tissues will change and the fit of the denture will become more loose and thus more prone to movement inside your mouth. Having the denture professionally relined every one to two…

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Hard Relines Versus Soft Relines

When your dentures stop fitting as snugly as they should, you can bring them into your preferred denture service. Assuming you aren’t better off replacing your dentures, your denture experts can reline the appliances so that they’ll fit snugly on your gums again. You should expect to do this every two years or so, although…

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Why You Should Reline Your Dentures

Over time the shape of your mouth changes, which can impact the way your dentures fit. If you have recently felt slipping or rubbing, you probably need to contact your dentist to fix loose dentures. Your trusted Long Island dentist can easily reline dentures, ensuring a comfortable fit.

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Fast Dentures Are Possible

Over the last few decades, the science behind dental procedures has changed in huge ways. Today, it’s possible to actually get something known as immediate dentures if you need to improve a smile quickly and get back your confidence. If you’ve lost teeth or are about to have teeth extracted, learning more about immediate dentures…

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