Common Questions Regarding Full And Partial Dentures

Common Questions Regarding Full And Partial DenturesAt Denture Repair of Long Island, we answer numerous questions about full and partial dentures, especially when the patient is a first-time denture wearer. So we have compiled a list of the most common ones that we answer in order to answer any questions that a new patient may have about them. Here are the answers to 5 of the more common ones:

  • Are dentures difficult to get used to? Every individual is different so while some patients have no difficulties getting used to them, other patients take longer to adjust to them. You may experience a different feeling such as having too many teeth in your mouth, and increase in the amount of saliva that is produced, or that your lips sit further forward.
  • How do full dentures differ from partials? As the names imply, full dentures refers to a full set (i.e. uppers and lowers) whereas partial dentures replace several teeth and the patient still has some of their natural teeth in place.
  • How will the way I normally eat be affected? Adjusting to the way you normally eat your food is going to require patience, practice. For some patients, it takes only a couple of weeks while it may take others several months. Remember, learning how to eat with dentures is an acquired skill. So don’t get discouraged while trying to master this.
  • My lower denture feels looser than my upper denture. Why is that? Where your dentures are concerned, the prosthodontists at Denture Repair of Long Island are always striving to achieve stability and retention with the lowers as well as the uppers. Since your tongue can kick your lower dentures out of place, they may appear to be looser than your uppers.
  • Will dentures affect the way I speak? Compared to what you experienced with your natural teeth, your tongue will be in a slightly different position once you are fitted with your new dentures. You may notice some occasional hissing or whistling as you speak but that should subside during the adjustment period. If not, you should call Denture Repair of Long Island and schedule an appointment for an examination.

There are a number of other questions that we usually answer at both of our Denture Repair of Long Island facilities. Don’t hesitate to call us with yours.