Convenient One Hour Denture Repair To Accommodate Your Busy Lifestyle

Convenient One Hour Denture Repair To Accommodate Your Busy LifestyleTime, there just never seems to be enough of it. The crazy rat race that we call life leaves us scrambling and searching for ways to fit everything into a tiny window of opportunity. Work, kids, attempting to have a social life, and various other responsibilities, make it hard to find the time needed to get your dentures repaired. Luckily, there is help a lot closer than you think.

Our office is located in Franklin Square, and our dental lab is on site. Your dentures do not have to be sent off to an exclusive location, for an extensive amount of time, rather, our one-hour denture repair gets you back to smiling, eating, and doing other important things quickly. Don’t neglect your dentures, if you take care of them, they will take care of you.

Neglecting Your Dentures Could Have Lasting Consequences

Sores and irritated, red gums are common side-effects of a misaligned bite. Improperly fitted dentures can rock from side to side, or back and forth, rubbing and grinding along the way. The more they move, the more pain and anguish it causes you. Eating, talking, yawning, and even smiling can become difficult tasks, but using our popular services, for your one-hour denture repair, gets you back to living denture-related pain-free.

As individuals age, the bones in their jaws deteriorate, especially if roots and teeth have been excavated from the area. Your dentures must be properly aligned to counter these effects, which will allow for optimal comfort. However, it is unacceptable for your dentures to have to be sent off to accomplish this feat. Having to do without your teeth for an extended amount of time can cause malnourishment from a lack of food intake.

Having a broken, missing, or chipped tooth on your set of dentures can lead to cuts, scrapes, or the breaking of other teeth. Other costly procedures may have to be done to correct the damage, which means more time for you in the dental chair, and not too many patients are fond of that. Allow our experienced dental team to perform a one-hour denture repair to keep your dentures fitting comfortably, the way that they are supposed to feel.