Cosmetic Dentistry And Partial Dentures

Partial denturesPartial dentures could be beneficial for people of any age range, not just people who are older. Dentures are an option for replacing your that will be removable, and other options include dental implants and fixed dental bridges.

Denture Benefits

Partial dentures allow the addition of teeth to help you with improving your smile, eating and speaking. Dentures will be relatively cheap for replacing teeth when compared to dental implants and dental bridges.

More recently, cosmetic dentistry has created advancements allowing cosmetic dentists to make you teeth that are comfortable and nature looking with the addition of dentures. The dentures what work to improve your appearance are also referred to as cosmetic dentures. The new dentures will usually be made in two to four visits, while there are also immediate denture options that can be done in one visit.

Should You Go With Dental Implants, Dentures, Or Dental Bridges?

When you have teeth that are not healthy or strong enough to hold the dental bridges, dentures may be a smarter option. When there is not enough of a jaw bone to hold dental implants and there are no supporting teeth, dentures may be a better alternative. There will be no wrong or right option, as every case is going to be different and your dentist will help you to determine which is best.

Are Chrome Or Acrylic Dentures Better?

Dentures made with chrome will usually be thinner and stronger. Acrylic dentures will be light and a bit cheaper than chrome. When you have a strong bite, chrome will be better. Your dental professional will be able to help you to determine the right option after they assess your mouth.

Prevent Tooth Wear

A cosmetic dentist will be aware that tooth on tooth contact cannot be stopped completely. However, when you have a night bite guard, your teeth will be prevented from tooth wear due to excessive contact. This may also alleviate any muscle or jaw symptoms that you may have.

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