Dealing With Broken Dentures

Dealing With Broken DenturesDentures can be a great tool and can be remarkably durable when cared for correctly. They spend all day in your mouth, chewing and doing other things while offering the full functionality of your original set of teeth. However, your dentures can be extremely fragile and should be treated as such. But what if you run into the unfortunate scenario where your dentures fracture? How should you go about broken denture repair?

What Causes Dentures To Break

Over time, dentures can simply fracture due to wear and tear. As you use them daily, they may just simply wear down over time. Cleaning them daily should help improve their durability and lifespan. Your dentures can also be impacted by hot and cold foods, in addition to acidic foods. As your dentures come into contact with these foods, they can become weakened, causing you to need a broken denture repair.

A set of dentures that do not fit properly can also result in damage. Over time, your mouth may change shape, meaning your dentures will not fit as well as when you originally got them. Dentures that do not fit properly will shift around in your mouth, putting stress on your dentures and resulting in their fracturing. Scheduling routine appointments with your dentist can help decrease the likelihood of denture fracture. Your dentist may reline your dentures, or advise you to create a new set of dentures that fit better.

One of the most common causes of denture fracture is by accident. Handling your dentures on a daily basis increases the risk that you will accidentally drop them or misplace them. Every time your dentures are dropped, you increase the risk that they will break. It is easy to drop your dentures when they are wet – which pretty much occurs every time you handle your dentures. Being cautious with your dentures will increase their longevity.

Trust The Experts

Realistically, your dentist is the one who performs your broken denture repair. Although you may find options in your local store for self-performed denture repair kits, you should avoid these if possible. Your dentures may be covered under warranty. Trying to repair them on your own may void that warranty. Furthermore, your dentist is much more of an expert than you are! Allowing your dentist to repair your dentures will ensure that they are corrected properly, and returned to their original state. With a full-service dental lab, your dentist should be able to perform an immediate dental repair, providing you with a quick turnaround to get you smiling again.