Your Denture Implant Options

These days there are countless options for those who need dentures. So although the more conventional choices may still work for many, there’s no reason to limit your choices if you’re not happy with the results. Implant supported over dentures are a good example of ingenuity updating an old model to make them more preferable to a wider group of people.

Most people who turn to implant supported over dentures either had experience with other types or would have been considered candidates for them had a dental professional not stepped in. These two other types of dentures are complete dentures or removable partial dentures.

Compared to those two popular types, implant supported denture wearers don’t suffer from bone loss as much, and either reduce or completely eliminate prosthesis movement. That’s not all though. Most consider their overall look more realistic and appealing. Part of this is because implant supported over dentures can provide better tooth position. Lastly, one issue people often have with their dentures is with occlusion. A lot of times, dentures fit fine until they need to come in contact with teeth on the other jaw. This feature, known as occlusion, is considered especially good with implant supported over dentures.

With implant supported over dentures, you can do away with traditional glues and paste materials. Surgical implants are loaded right into the wearer’s mandible. These titanium implants then connect with the over dentures, holding them flush to the skin when worn. Although they’re easily removed, once they’re in, no amount of yawning, chewing, talking, etc is going to separate them from the jawbone.

Dentures With Implants Verses Dentures Without Implants


State-of-the-art tooth replacement. Implants are a life-long investment.Helps to regain basic chewing functions. Most cost effective, short term solution.
Preserves bone health.Does not preserve bone health.
Function as natural teeth so you can enjoy every meal.Dentures may move limiting eating ability.
No need for messy denture adhesives.Denture creams and adhesives always needed.
Implant stabilized dentures provide a proper, perfect fit for dentures- providing bone maintenance.Dentures will continue to need refitting and repairs as bone loss progresses.
Helps to maintain facial structure, and a more youthful appearance.Facial structure changes as bone loss progresses.
Increases stability, improving your confidence.Dentures are prone to slip and move increasing discomfort. 2


Occlusions Dental Lab

Our Full Service Lab Onsite

Experience the first of its kind on Long Island. Island Dental Associates has joined together with Occlusions Dental Lab to work as one, and to be able to have their own full service in-house dental lab. With our lab, we can provide same day denture services, crowns, denture repairs and relines.

It offers tremendous benefits to our patients bringing all of our dental lab services under one roof working directly with our experienced dentists and lab
technicians to achieve perfect restoration all the time.

We make you a set of dentures, or repair and reline your dentures while you wait! Our dentists have the ultimate control in the work performed working directly with the lab. We can achieve the perfect fit, color, shape, size and feel to any dental restoration. No longer do we need to send “work out” to the lab and have to wait for it to be returned. We save time, money and provide the ultimate convenience in providing same day dental restorations.

Our lab is open 6 days a week and fabricates all restorations under one roof and can perform emergency repairs, same day replacement of missing teeth while providing the best fit and the most natural feel and look to all of our restorations. We utilize the latest computer technology in fabricating our restoration and the highest quality of materials which is under the direct supervision of our dentists and specialists. We are proud that all of our work is performed in our office and we welcome you to take a tour of our new lab and new and improved office.

Why choose to go elsewhere when we make it easy, affordable, quick and convenient.