Dental Jargon; What Does It Mean?

Dental Jargon; What Does It Mean?When it comes to dental terms, you know the most common ones. Everyone is familiar with a cavity, and a filling, but do you know what amalgam is? That’s the common filling used to fill the cavity, usually known as a “silver filling.” And a composite resin filling is tooth-colored and gets hardened onto the tooth with a filtered light.

    • Fluorosis. Fluoride is a mineral that is important to keep our teeth and gums healthy. Fluorosis is the result of ingesting too much fluoride and the tooth enamel becomes discolored.
    • Bite-wings. Everyone knows that the X-rays tell the dentists all they need to know about what’s really going on below the gum line. Well, the bite-wing is simply the single x-ray that shows upper or lower teeth in a certain area on the same film to check for decay.

  • Periodontist and Endodontist. A dentist is the primary dental care provider, but a periodontist deals with gum disease and issues with tissues around the teeth. An endodontist specializes in diseases and injuries of the pulp or nerve of the tooth.
  • Pulpectomy. You’ve heard that a root canal means to clean out the pulp chamber and replace it with a permanent filling, but did you know that a the term pulpectomy is used when it comes to removing the pulp tissue from the root canal space?
  • Dentin. A denture is a removable (or fixed) artificial replacement of missing natural teeth, but dentin is different; it’s the inner layer of the tooth structure (right under the enamel).

That’s a lot to know!

At Island and Shine Dental, we want you to know some of the terms that are most important when it comes to your teeth.

  • Immediate. When you need dentures, we’re ready for you. Because we have a full dental lab on-site, we can offer same-day denture service, meaning you won’t ever be without your teeth.
  • Flexible. When it comes to payment options, we offer interest free financing, 5-year payment plans, accept all major credit cards, take most insurance plans, and offer a 5% discount for seniors.
  • Comfort. We have a state-of-the-art facility that caters to your every comfort need. Comfortable chairs, cable TV in every room, and a friendly staff. We also offer nitrous oxide and sedation to keep you as comfortable as you want to be during a procedure.
  • Convenient. Can’t get to us? We’ll get to you. We make house calls for those who have difficulty getting around. We will also come to a hospital, nursing home, or assisted living facility so that you can get the care you need without worrying how to get there.

Located in Franklin Square and on the Jericho Turnpike in Syosset, we’re a short drive from wherever you are. Call us today to set up an appointment to have your dental needs met by a professional and caring staff. You just might even learn a new word or two!