Denture Reline Defined And Explained

If your dentures are not fitting properly, you may need a denture reline. This is a procedure wherein the part of your denture that touches your gums and soft palate of your mouth is relined with a softer, more comfortable material. This procedure can help your dentures conform with the shape of your mouth for a comfortable and secure fit. This protects both your mouth and your dentures because dentures that move around in your mouth may crack or break in use.

Denture relining can save you money, too. Your mouth may change shape from one year to the next. When you have your dentures refurbished and relined annually, you save the expense of replacing them. Additionally, proper annual adjustment and care gives your dentist a chance to examine your dentures and repair any small damage that may have occurred. Having your dentures fit properly will help you avoid gum ulcerations, sores and even bone loss caused by dentures that do not fit correctly.

Hard And Soft Denture Relines

To create a hard reline, your dentist will line the denture with a soft putty and put the denture in place in your mouth. In this way, the putty will be imprinted with the actual shape of your mouth. Following this step, the putty is removed and sent out to have an acrylic replica made. The hard acrylic piece is then fitted into your dentures.

To create a soft reline, you dentist will follow similar procedures; however, the reline will be created from a softer, rubbery material. This is a good choice for patients who have problems with mouth sores caused by dentures. This is a temporary fix. Once the mouth is healed, the soft reline will be replaced with an acrylic reline.

Hard denture relines can actually last a couple of years if the mouth does not change shape. Naturally, you should see your dentist at least once a year for a full checkup and adjustment as necessary. Additionally, you must remember that no matter how well your dentures fit, you need to give your gums a break every day. Overuse of your dentures can damage your gums and wear down your bones, so take a couple of hours off from your dentures during the day and be sure to take them out every night for a good soak while you sleep.