Denture Relines Help Your Dentures To Evolve With Your Mouth

Denture Relines Help Your Dentures To Evolve With Your MouthYou may have heard it said that a person’s feet will continue to grow throughout life, long after it is not possible to get any taller. That may or may not be true depending on the individual, but one thing is for certain: Your mouth is constantly changing throughout your life.

Your mouth is a much more complex ecosystem than it might seem at first. Remember, the mouth is continuously fighting off colonization by bacteria, as well as working with positive bacteria living in your body.

Within just a few minutes after you finish eating, bacteria attacks!

Whether you notice it or not, your mouth is constantly working to keep itself clean and washed out, preventing major infections and other problems. The human body produces about a quarter gallon of saliva a day.

What does it all have to do with dentures? Actually, there’s a close relationship between the functions of your mouth, especially the soft tissue, and making sure your dentures are right.

Denture Relines Strengthen The Support Your Dentures Can Provide To You

Denture relines are periodic adjustments of your dentures to your mouth as it changes over time. The soft tissue that your dentures are constantly in contact with can change shape at any time of your life, not just during defined periods.

Because of this, it’s important to have a dentist review your dental health habits and make sure that your periodontal tissue is not eroding for reasons relating to an underlying condition.

At the same time, your dentures may need to be adjusted. While this can seem inconvenient at first, remember that it often means you can avoid having to purchase a completely new set.

Likewise, your relined dentures provide you with better service, as they are less likely to slip and move around. This means there’ll be less friction to deal with and less likelihood of an accident.

Sometimes, relines can be done within your mouth, in the dentist’s chair. In other cases, when the changes over time have been dramatic, you may need to have new measurements taken using a cast.

Feel Like You Have Brand New Dentures With A Dental Reline Today

Denture relines don’t necessarily have to be done on a regular basis, but it’s still a good idea to see a dentist every year just in case you need one. At Island Dental Associates, we make a reline simple and straightforward for our Long Island patients.

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