Denture Relining – The Budget Alternative To New Dentures

Denture Relining – The Budget Alternative To New DenturesFor a number of individuals who live in the greater Long Island area and wear dentures, the idea of paying for new ones creates certain budget concerns, especially if they do not have the financial means to afford them. Fortunately, we offer the option of denture relining, which is a more affordable alternative to paying for new dentures. In the Long Island area, we have two locations to serve you – Island Dental Associates in Franklin Square and Shine Dental Associates in Syosset.

Over time, an imbalance in the comfort, esthetics, and function can occur. This is due to resorption or a loss of bone in the underlying structure of the jaw and the way the soft tissues undergo certain physiologic changes over time. This causes dentures to lose their retentive abilities and stability. By relining the denture base, we can encourage support structure retention and tissue adaptation.

Denture relines can be performed in one of two ways:

• Directly (performed in the patient’s mouth during an office visit) – in the direct reline method, a hardening material is placed within the dentures themselves and then the dentures are re-inserted into the mouth of the patient. Once the material hardens, the excess material is trimmed away and the patient is ready to go. Of the two reline procedures, the direct method is the easiest and the quickest to perform. However, the indirect or lab reline method produces longer lasting results.

• Indirectly (outside the office in a laboratory) – where the indirect or laboratory reline method is concerned, an impression of the patient’s gums along with the existing dentures is taken in the office. After the impressions are done, they are sent out and processed in a laboratory using a material that is cured there.

We also consider the type of relining materials that are used as these are a key component of removable prosthodontics. Based on the demands for the successful treatment of both full dentures and RPD’s or removable partial dentures, dental clinicians and technicians now have an abundance of “one-visit” or simplified lining materials. In most cases, the material that is chosen depends on the function of its properties and the specific clinical circumstances.

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