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Attention: Residents of Jericho, Long Island…Are You in Need of Fast, Affordable Denture Repair, Relining, Stabilization, or Fabrication?

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At Shine Dental Associates in Syosset Long Island we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality and affordability in denture repairs, relines, and same-day tooth placement.

We fabricate same day full and partial dentures, as well as cosmetic flexible dentures.

Walk-in emergencies are welcome!

Our on-site denture lab and porcelain lab will provide you with perfect color matching giving you amazing results and you will leave smiling, knowing that you made the right choice.

Why choose us for your dentures

Some Indicators That You Might Want To Pursue
Permanent Denture Stabilization

For many people with dentures, being plagued with denture issues is a part of daily life. Denture stabilization can solve many of those issues. Here are just a few of the indicators that denture stabilization may be a viable solution for you.

  1. You wish that you could go back to eating any foods that you like. You feel limited by the power of your dentures to chew through more challenging kinds of foods that you wish that you could eat.
  2. Your dentures tend to shift uncomfortably in your mouth. They will not stay firmly in place regardless of the amount and strength of the adhesive you use to apply them.
  3. You have grown weary of using messy denture adhesives, which also carry with them an unpleasant flavor in your mouth. The flavor of denture adhesive colors the flavor of every bite of food that you eat.
  4. Your dentures cause pain to your gums. Every time they shift or every time you put pressure on them by biting down, you feel the pain.
  5. You struggle, at times, to articulate clearly. Because your dentures shift unpredictably, clear speech is a struggle.
  6. You feel nervous when you smile, for fear that your dentures have migrated out of place. You don’t want others to see you with your dentures at an odd angle.

If any of these situations describe what you feel, don’t hesitate to look into permanent denture stabilization today. I know that it may sound like a miracle that all of these issues could be wiped out in one fell swoop – it sounds too good to be true. However, it is not only true, it is widely available! Don’t hesitate, check into denture stabilization today. Call Shine Dental Associates to find out more information about how we can permanently stabilize your dentures.


Let Us Help You Design The Smile Of Your Dreams
and the One You Deserve…

  • Dental implants placed and restored in our office
  • Implants placed in order to retain and stabilize loose dentures and to create an open palate so that you can taste your food better and completely reduce the gagging reflex
  • No more messy adhesives
  • Conventional office hours
  • All options will be explained to you prior to treatment, including the materials to be used.
  • Complimentary consultation for dentures, partials, and implants
  • All procedures performed in our office with our extremely experienced dentists and lab technicians
  • Insurance accepted and 0% financing for 24 months