Denture Repair Does Not Have To Be A Time-Consuming Process

Denture Repair Does Not Have To Be A Time-Consuming ProcessWearing rocking, wobbling, or broken dentures is an accident just waiting to happen. The apparatus is supposed to fit snug and comfy, but for a variety of reasons, this is not always the case. For one, after a period, the device will need to become realigned due to bone deterioration and gum recession. This fate is inevitable because once a tooth and root are removed from the socket, nothing remains to stimulate the area. Traditional dentures rely on suction to stay in the correct position, but when the draw is not there, they can easily slip or fall out of place. Adhesive goops or pads may get you by for awhile, but eventually, a denture repair will be in your best interest.

Moving and unstable teeth make it difficult to chew or bite, which brings dietary restrictions into play. The denture wearer may be limited to soft foods as crunching on hard textures leads to the device flopping around and causing pain. If the replacement teeth are wiggly, the results are not usually good. They can damage existing natural teeth and harm the tongue, gums, or cheeks. The individual will likely have to seek dental services to correct the issues. Don’t allow these incidents to occur by getting a denture repair sooner rather than later.

Denture Repair While You Wait

Even with so many adverse consequences, many people neglect to get their dentures fixed, simply because they are fearful of having to do without their teeth. There are a lot of dental offices that send devices away for repairs or to become manufactured. Unfortunately, the patients suffer for weeks and sometimes even months before they receive their apparatus. Our practice has an on-site lab with the capabilities to make all types of dentures. We stock numerous shades and sizes of teeth to ensure that each patient gets a natural-looking, beautiful smile with an aligned bite. In many cases, the denture repair is completed within only a few hours, and the patient has a mouthful of pearly whites again. Plus, free consultations are available for added convenience. So, don’t delay any longer. Instead, let us make the needed adjustments and get you on your way promptly.