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When To Do A Patient’s Denture Relining

For most patients, denture relining is more economical than replacing their dentures and can improve the denture’s retention and stability.  It also seems to improve the patient’s facial appearance and speech, although it may not improve chewing ability.  It is also important that the denture be evaluated for other inadequacies to ensure it is acceptable for relining in all respects to justify prolonging the lifespan.  If there are major issues with occlusion contact relationships, vertical dimension of occlusion, tooth wear or patient appearance, it could be more cost effective to remake rather than reline the denture.

Same day dentures - never be without your teeth
Both partial and complete dentures should be checked at least once a year.  Chances are the provider will have to call the patient to make the appointment because once a patient has their dentures they will usually not call the dentist unless they are having problems.  Both partial and complete dentures should be relined periodically.  Here are some guidelines for dental offices to consider for their denture reline policy.

  • Are the patient’s dentures loose?
  • Does the patient have any sore spots?  If so, adjust the dentures.
  • Does the bite need adjustment?
  • Are the dentures too thin or too thick?
  • Check the teeth alignment
  • Check the impression
  • Check the final fitting
  • Do follow-up adjustments for six months

Denture relining should not take longer than one day.  With proper staffing and procedures, the impression should be done in the morning and the work done by the afternoon.  The patient can arrive in the morning, drop off the dentures and then pick them up and have all the adjustment and fitting work done in the afternoon of the same day.

It is very important for a dentist to follow up on all denture patients to ensure each is doing well with their dentures.  Most denture patients will not make appointments with the dentist unless they are suffering pain or having some type of trouble with their dentures, so the dentist should try and call in their denture patients at least once per year.

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  • Dental implants placed and restored in our office
  • Implants placed in order to retain and stabilize loose dentures and to create an open palate so that you can taste your food better and completely reduce the gagging reflex
  • No more messy adhesives
  • Conventional office hours
  • All options will be explained to you prior to treatment, including the materials to be used.
  • Complimentary consultation for dentures, partials, and implants
  • All procedures performed in our office with our extremely experienced dentists and lab technicians
  • Insurance accepted and 0% financing for 24 months