Almost every denture wearer faces the same initial challenge when they first begin wearing their new teeth. It doesn’t matter how well they fit or how high quality the material is, everyone deals with wearing theirs uncomfortably at first. This is why denture stabilization is always such a popular topic amongst those who wear fake teeth.

Denture stabilization just refers to how still dentures sit when they’re in your mouth. Those that slip and slide along your gums would be said to have poor denture stabilization. Obviously, this is something everyone wants to avoid.

When dentures lack stability, they can often be counterproductive. The point is to instill confidence, not give the wearer something new to worry about. Dentures are supposed to make eating all types of food a reality, not allow little pieces to sneak between them and the gums where they can cause discomfort. After enough rubbing back and forth, dentures suffering from a lack of stabilization can actually permanently reduce the jawbone.

So what can be done? Fortunately, any number of things. Sometimes, the issue is simply that the dentures don’t fit. The mold may have been taken when the gums were still swollen, making for an inaccurate size to begin with. All dentures eventually become too big, as the jaw naturally shrinks in size in reaction to teeth being lost. In this case, a simple refitting is always prescribed and should solve the problem.

For many people, dental implants will cure this issue once and for all. These metal implants drill right into the jaw and provide an apparatus for dentures to attach to. When attached, dentures sit flush against the gums and won’t move unless properly released. Even these will need to be refitted over time, however.

The good news is that just about anyone can have implants inserted into their jaw. So long as you’re not suffering from periodontal disease or some other medical condition, you should be a candidate. Even if you suffered from periodontal disease in the past and lost part of your jawbone, you might be surprised by what your dentist can do. Those who do qualify for dental implants can even have them installed in one visit, meaning they can leave the dentist’s office without ever having to worry about denture stabilization again.

Getting your dentures should be a relief that you feel every time you wear them. Make sure this is the case by tackling any denture stabilization issues you may be wrestling with. The results are truly worth it.

Locator and Bar Supported Over Dentures

The technology that is being used for dentures these days is reaching all new heights. Where once most people had to use adhesive and a one-size-fits-all denture and hope for the best, now they have a whole slew of options to ensure the best fit, look and overall comfort.

One of the best examples of this is locator and bar supporter over dentures. The basic premise is that these dentures are, for all intents and purposes, permanent. You could remove them, but there would be no real reason to (aside from hygiene) once they’re in place. That’s because unlike temporary versions, you won’t have to continuously add adhesive.

Locator and Bar Supported Over Dentures work easily enough, but the finished result is magnificent. First, a medical professional installs metal implants into your jaw. It could be as few as two, however four is generally more practical.

After the implants are installed, a bar is added around the inside of your jaw, just below the gum line. This bar is held in place by the implants. Then, the denture itself is outfitted with clasps that allow it to grab hold of the bar when the wearer puts their teeth in.

The end result is top of the line. For one thing, the dentures themselves tend to be higher quality, so their appearance is superior to other options. However, it’s the fit that really makes the biggest difference. There’s just no comparison between locator and bar supported over dentures and temporary options. The latter relies on adhesive to keep dentures attached to gum tissue. This new technology benefits from metal that is screwed into bone.

However, that’s not the only advantage the locator and bar supported over dentures bring to the table. What makes these dentures special are their locator pivot technology. This refers to the metal implants inserted into the jaw. Their tiny heads are actually precise devises constructed to allow the dentures to move just slightly along with the mouth. They never shift from their actual spot, so food isn’t allowed to sneak underneath. Instead, this flexible head provides support much the way shocks do to a car. The result is a more comfortable denture that can do more for the wearer.

Anyone still wearing temporary dentures may be surprised to know how much they’re missing out on. Examples like locator and bar supported over dentures show just how far technology has come and how comfortable wearing false teeth can be.

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