Dentures Irritating You? Here’s What To Do About It

 Dentures Irritating You? Here’s What To Do About ItDentures can make a difference in the mouth of someone who has lost many teeth. They can fill in the gaps, help you feel better about smiling, and give you the ability to chew your food. Despite all of the joy that dentures can bring to your life, you might notice that they’ve become irritating in recent months. What happened?

It Could Be Time To Reline Dentures

Contrary to popular belief, dentures are not designed to fit perfectly and stay that way for eternity. Over time, your dentures can change and fit differently. This is mainly due to the changes that occur in your gums and bone in the area of your mouth where the teeth have gone missing. When your dentures start to irritate you, your dentist can reline dentures so that they fit better. Thanks to a full service dental lab on site, it’s easy for us to reline dentures while you wait.

Aside from the general mouth changes, here are a few other reasons why your dentures might be causing you irritation:

• They’re brand new. When you first get dentures, your mouth will need time to adjust. It can take a few months for a complete healing so you could feel discomfort for little while. Be sure to check back with the dentist within a week to check on healing.

• The bite is wrong. If your bite is not adjusted properly, you might need to have them adjusted. If the bite is completely off, you might even need your denture remade. This is not a problem when your dentist has a full service lab on site.

• Inner surface issues. When the inner surface of the denture is shaped differently than your gums, it can cause pain when you bite. Let your dentist know and they can reline dentures to create a better fit.

• Acrylic tags. There might be a small tag of acrylic left after the final process of the denture. Tags can be sharp and uncomfortable, but easily removed by your dentist.

• Old tooth roots. If you had a tooth removed many years ago, there could be a tiny bit of root left. As the jaw shrinks, that root could become exposed and get irritated if the denture rubs it the wrong way. Fortunately, the dentist can remove the root piece and relive the irritation.
• Compression over time. This can occur in those who have had dentures for a very long time. As the lower jaw shrinks with age, nerves can become exposed. When a denture presses on that nerve, it can cause pain. The dentist can modify and reline dentures to alleviate that pain.

Your denture health is important. Don’t live with irritation when you don’t have to. Talk to your dentist about relining and adjusting your dentures so you can live better.