Difference Between Hard and Soft Denture Relines

Difference Between Hard and Soft Denture RelinesDenture relines are a simple procedure that aims at reshaping the underside of a patient’s dentures in order to make them fit in the mouth more securely and comfortably. There are two different reline procedures; these include soft relines and hard relines.

What is a Soft Denture Reline?

A soft denture reline tends to be the most preferred option for denture wearers because it happens to be the most comfortable. A denture reline helps to make the dentures more comfortable and fit better because you may experience a change in the density or shape. A soft denture reline is recommended for those that have only recently acquired their dentures and still have bone resorption occurring.

The gums may begin to become sensitive to the dentures and the feel, and weight of the dentures may become too uncomfortable. When a soft reline is done, a liquid polymer is layered into the denture in order to add additional depth and cushion, thus improving the patient’s level of comfort while wearing them.

Having an onsite lab for a soft reline is an advantage because the patient will not have to go without their dentures for an extended amount of time. Everything is done onsite to offer the patient a fast turnaround.

What is a Hard Denture Reline?

A hard denture reline will reshape the denture just as it would in a soft reline, but the materials used tend to be harder and more resemble the denture base. A hard reline will provide a more permanent fix to the problem and typically lasts more than a year. While the hard reline can also be done onsite at the lab, some dentists may actually want it to be sent out in case there are any complications with the heat transfer and the materials that are being used.

The patient will have to wait a longer period of time to have their dentures back after a hard reline, but like stated above, it is a more permanent fix that will last a lot longer than a soft reline.

To discuss all your denture reline options, Island Dental Associates are available, and they have an onsite lab to offer their patients fast turnaround times and fewer appointments.