Do Permanent Dentures Exist?

With advancements in dental technology, dentists can now provide their patients with the option of a permanent denture. This avoids the old-style dentures that slipped, slid, and often popped out of the mouth at the most inappropriate time. Older denture styles relied on clips or suction to keep them “firmly” in place, which often failed. This imperfect system is now an antiquated type of dental solution, because permanent dentures are available.

Partial Dentures

Permanent dentures are mounted in various ways. Some partial dentures are mounted with bonding materials to the abutment teeth constructed with crowns necessary for added stability. This option is usually an adequate solution for holding a partial denture firmly in place. However, there is an affordable option that provides an even more stabilized secure environment structure because it does not rely on the abutment teeth staying healthy without decay.

Implant Dentures

A set of implant dentures is an affordable solution that firmly holds the teeth in place, no matter how many teeth are required. At its most basic level, the process involves a surgical implant of a titanium rod positioned in bone tissue below the gum in the socket of the missing tooth. The rod, or rods, is positioned according to the location and shape of the new denture. The rod can point down, up, or facing outward to accommodate frontal bridges.

Once the dentist implants the rod, the gums need to heal before the dentures can be cemented permanently to the exposed portion of the dental implant. The result of newly installed permanent dentures provides the patient a natural feel, and added comfort when eating or chewing.

Now dentists can offer permanent dentures to their patients at an affordable price. They provide a dental solution that avoids the old-style dentures that floated inside the mouth and generated a significant level of difficulty when eating.

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