Do Your Teeth Have What It Takes?

Do Your Teeth Have What It Takes?A smile is one of your most valuable assets, alerting others that you are both friendly and agreeable, whether you’re in a business or social arena. Imagine trying to make yourself picture perfect for a dinner party with all of your colleagues. No matter how beautiful your facial features are, no matter how physically sculpted your body is, and regardless of how fashionable your clothes and accessories may be, without good teeth, your appearance will suffer. You will not feel comfortable smiling when you have missing, discolored, or obviously damaged teeth. Thankfully, here at Island Dental Associates & Shine Dental Associates, we have many professional solutions for your oral health issues, including convenient and affordable dentures.

What Are Good Teeth?

Good teeth are first and foremost healthy teeth, free of gum disease and/or tooth decay. They are clean and have a natural looking tooth quality as far as whiteness is concerned. Of course, how white your teeth are is a personal preference. You may not want your teeth to sparkle like those of celebrities, but you do not want them to be stained and unsightly either. If your teeth are straight and even that is also a plus. But what if you have one or more teeth missing? This is obviously not good. Throughout the course of our lives, sometimes accidents and incidents happen. If your teeth need fixing or whitening, come to us and we will set you on the right path to having good teeth. However, if your teeth are gone, we will offer you the best in denture care services, giving you new teeth.

What Are Dentures?

Very simply, dentures are false teeth, a prosthetics designed to fit into the oral cavity. Some may be removed while others are more permanent fixtures in your mouth. Despite the many unique choices in dentures, such as partial, full, permanent, stabilizing or implants, they all fall into two categories: those which replace teeth on the mandibular arch and those which replace teeth on the maxillary arch.

How Do Dentures Help Your Appearance?

Investing in dentures will benefit you in various ways:

1. It will restore the natural look of your face by giving a structural foundation to the lips and cheeks so that they do not seem fallen or weak.

2. It will increase your ability to chew more easily as teeth are necessary to break down food.

3. It will improve your speech because missing teeth, particularly the anteriors, often create problems with pronouncing certain words.

4. It will rejuvenate your self confidence once you are able to look normal and smile again..

So come out to Franklin Square on Long Island in this beautiful state of New York, and pay us a visit. We would love to share our knowledge, state of the art technology, and our overwhelming enthusiasm about oral health and hygiene. Don’t worry, you too, can have good teeth!