Don’t Stay Toothless For Too Long

 Don’t Stay Toothless For Too LongDentures are a fact of life for millions of Americans. Whether your original teeth came out because of cavities, weakening bones, or accidents, people of every age have to put in partial or full dentures every day and clean them every night.

Each of these dentures is custom made to fit the mouths of their owners. After all, every mouth is a little different and dentures have to fit snugly if you want to use them to bite or chew without popping out. All that custom work can take time, and in meanwhile you have to live with fewer or no teeth. This makes it hard or impossible to eat anything with a tougher consistency than paste, and if any front teeth are missing it can make you afraid to smile.

Fortunately, dentists and dental labs are using modern technology to speed up denture creation and deliver a complete set of dentures on the same day as your first appointment. Same-day denture offices like Island Dental Associates use modern technologies like digital scanning and 3D printing to make sure patients can have a full set of teeth as quickly as possible.

The devices that make this happen are complex, but they make things simple and straightforward for clients looking for same-day dentures. A digital scanner uses a set of basic sensors and sophisticated software to create a 3D image of your gums and remaining teeth. A 3D printer can then build a copy of your mouth, and dental lab technicians can then use this copy as a mold to create a new set of dentures that fit your mouth perfectly. The special materials used to create dentures don’t take long to harden, so your new teeth will soon be ready.

Not all denture services are equally fast. Some of them haven’t upgraded their equipment in a while, and although this means their services often come at a lower cost you should be ready for them to take significantly longer. Other dentist offices don’t have an in-house dental lab, so they have to order dentures and other dental appliances from elsewhere. The lab could use the best technology around, but the travel time can add hours. However, when you head to Island Dental Associates on Long Island, you’ll get an in-house dental lab and the same-day dentures you need to smile again.