Easy Fixes For Sudden Mishaps

Easy Fixes For Sudden MishapsIndividuals with full or partial dentures are aware of the fact that as convenient as these replacement teeth are for carrying on with lifestyle, they can also impose certain considerations when mishaps occur. At the fabrication labs for Island Dental Associates in Franklin Square and Shine Dental Associates in Syosset, we have encountered a number of mishaps that have required immediate attention.

Although fabricated teeth present a durable and strong facsimile of natural dentition, there are issues that will affect dentures that do not affect natural teeth.

  • Having a partial denture fall out and get lost
  • Accidentally stepping on a dropped set of dentures and cracking them
  • Chipping the fabricated teeth by dropping dentures in the sink
  • Wear cracks in the palate of full dentures from a poor fit
  • The need for relining due to structural changes in the jaw
  • Splitting a full or partial denture due to hard food getting lodged between the jaw and the dentures

While the specific reasons for many of these damages can include even more variables, these results will lead to the most common need for repairs.

Instant Gratification

When it comes to denture damage, it is rarely a question of being able to wait for an available appointment and extended turnaround time for repairs or re-fabrication. Not having use of full or even partial dentures can greatly impact lifestyle. While filling basic necessities such as eating and speaking are definitely impaired, the loss of fabricated teeth can also affect self image.

Many individuals may be shy to even let family members see them without their prosthetics, and this certainly carries over to everyday interactions with strangers and casual acquaintances. This makes the ability to seek immediate repair work an imperative.

While we have great experience in getting people fitted with their initial partial or full set of dentures, we also offer emergency services at any time of day. Our on-site lab is able to give clients same day service when it comes to any type of repair and fabrication, but our offices can make the experience even more beneficial by taking a look at any damages that may have occurred orally, especially in cases where a poor fit or food impaction has led to the damage of the dentures.

Both our offices in Franklin Square and Syosset have on site labs, technicians, and dental associates to accommodate any emergency need. Whether you have fallen ill to a mishap, or are concerned that a poor prosthetic fit could lead to an accident, we urge clients to contact us. This allows us to evaluate your needs, and get you sorted so that you can resume your active lifestyle with confidence.