Emergency Care For Everyday Comfort

Emergency Care For Everyday ComfortAlthough many people rely on hospital for emergency situations, these medical facilities are not always equipped to deal with all eventualities. This can frequently be the case when there is an accident that involves damage to the teeth or to a person’s dentures. Although hospital can attend to acute care, actually fixing the oral issue so that a person can resume their regular function is not always as simple.

At Island Dental Associates, we provide a number of services that facilitate emergency care when teeth or dentures are broken. This allows clients to receive same day services for major and minor repairs, including:

  • Denture fabrication
  • Dental implants
  • Denture repairs
  • Relining and fitting

As a result, clients find that they are able to attend to the emergency situation with speed and ease.

Tooth Problems

The need for emergency dentistry can be the result of an existing issue. Many times, people will feel that there is a problem with a tooth, but will put off attending to the issue because they are concerned that it will disrupt their schedule. Frequently, symptoms such as pain can subside, even though damage to the tooth is still in process. As a result, breakage or complete loss of the tooth can occur suddenly.

In these cases, the emergency care includes ensuring that there is no infection in the gums and that the empty socket is clean and clear. However, Island Dental Associates can also assist patients with setting a temporary tooth by way of a dental implant. This is not only healthier for the client since it can avert infection in the socket, but will also allow for an improved quality of life, since the gap in dentition becomes unnoticeable.

Damage to dentures can also occur unexpectedly, whether it is due to an accidental breakage of the prosthetic or due to wear and tear. The outcome is still an inconvenience to the client, but it is also important to have a cursory examination of the mouth to ensure that the gums and existing teeth have not been impacted. Emergency dental services can provide this wellness provision, and can also repair or replace prosthetics on site.

Having A Plan

While it can be impossible to plan for every eventuality, it is still necessary to have a course of action, should an emergency arise. Island Dental Associates offers same day and emergency dentistry service to our Long Island clients, so that we can care for nearly any need. We also encourage patients to contact us at the first sign of denture trouble, as this can avert an emergency before it happens.