Enjoying Life To Its Fullest

Enjoying Life To Its FullestAs the dog days of summer have Long Island residents wringing the last of the warmth and festivities from the season, backyard barbeques and last minute parties are the trend of the month. In many ways, this presents a wonderful way for neighbors and family to still enjoy some relaxed quality time before hectic life resumes.

Of course, on wonderful aspect of cookouts is the array of food to choose from, with seasonal vegetables and grilling favorites in abundance. Unfortunately, many Long Island residents cannot enjoy all of this in the midst of the festivities, and they find that even at a party, they are somehow left out. The reason for this is ill fitting dentures that slip and cause irritation.

Taking A Bite Out Of Deprivation

Although people with dentures will often develop a system for picking and choosing foods that will not cause slippage, this is ultimately not a healthy action.

  • Reduced variety in foods can lead to nutritional deficiency
  • Frequent slippage can be indicative of underlying gum or bone issues
  • The sense of deprivation is not conducive to wellness

Further, minor slippage may not be felt as it happens, but this can still allow for food particles to become wedged between the palate and the dentures. While this certainly presents an issue for bacterial growth, it can also cause severe irritation over time.

At Island Dental Associates in Franklin, and Shine Dental Associates in Syosset, we frequently help Long Island residents remedy this issue. Mini-dental implants at strategic spots can easily stabilize dentures, and still ensure that they are easy to clean. Re-fabricating or relining dentures can also be a solution, especially when there are underlying changes in the gums or the bone.

Regardless of the cause for the slippage, we can aid clients in finding the ideal solution to being able to live life to the fullest. Residents with denture issues should contact us immediately, so that we can have you enjoying the last of summer with your friends once again.