Factors That Influence The Cost Of Your Dentures

Factors That Influence The Cost Of Your DenturesFor many individuals who have lost many of their teeth or had the majority of them extracted, dentures can give them a better quality of life and help to restore their smile. You may need full dentures when missing all of your teeth or partial dentures when you have some of your natural teeth still intact. In the case of partial dentures, the replacement of your missing teeth is essential to stabilizing the ones that remain as well as the integrity of your facial structure.

If you neglect to have your missing teeth replaced, you are going to experience difficulties biting down and chewing properly. Furthermore, you will start losing bone mass which in turn is going to make you appear older than your actual age. The dentures that we fit you with at Island Dental Associates in Franklin Square or Shine Dental Associates in Syosset are more comfortable and functional than their predecessors. Most importantly, you will have the ability to eat the foods you enjoy and not be embarrassed about smiling.

Many individuals are under the impression that dentures are too expensive when in reality, they are a more cost-effective alternative compared to other cosmetic dental options. There are several factors that influence the cost of your dentures including:

  • additional procedures required
  • amount of time required to fabricate your dentures
  • complexity of your dentures
  • co-pays required and insurance coverage
  • credentials and expertise of the dentist providing your dentures
  • geographic location of your dentist
  • length of denture warranty
  • number of extractions required
  • preparation required

If for some reason your dental or health insurance does not cover the cost of your dentures, we have a number of payment options available at both of your Long Island facilities. These options include:

  • In-house Payment plans (5 year)
  • Interest-free financing plans (2 year)
  • “Smile Now Pay Later” plan (0% interest free)

For more information regarding full dentures or partial dentures, or to discuss our other services, please contact Island Dental Associates or Shine Dental Associates today.