Fast Dentures Are Possible

fast-dentures-are-possibleOver the last few decades, the science behind dental procedures has changed in huge ways. Today, it’s possible to actually get something known as immediate dentures if you need to improve a smile quickly and get back your confidence. If you’ve lost teeth or are about to have teeth extracted, learning more about immediate dentures could help to ensure that you don’t’ have to go a day without a great smile.

The Importance Of Immediate Dentures

Why are immediate dentures so important? The primary reason is simple – because any time spent with missing teeth can leave you feeling self-conscious and down about yourself. With this procedure, you get a great smile the same day that you walk into the dental office. This helps those who feel embarrassed about missing teeth step out in public with confidence.

The Basics You Need To Know

Most of the time, immediate dentures are created the same day as an extraction. This way, you can move through your life without missing teeth at all. In these cases, you’ll begin the appointment with the extraction. After your existing teeth are removed, a mold is made of your remaining teeth and your gums.

This mold is then used to create duplicate teeth that will be replacing the teeth that are removed. It’s important to understand that due to the way the body heals, your gums and bone will end up receding to some degree following extraction. Over time, your dentures may need to be adjusted to better fit your mouth during and after the healing process. Once you’re completely healed, a permanent reline will be done to make sure your dentures are a perfect fit for your mouth.

During the healing process, things like tissue conditioner, temporary liners, occasional relines, and other steps may be taken to help keep your immediate dentures looking their best and feeling good in your mouth.

Those who are already missing teeth and are simply having dentures made will avoid these ‘healing’ steps and be able to get a great smile on the same day they visit the facility.

The Bottom Line

The simple fact is that those who are having teeth removed no longer need to wait for days or weeks before their smile is back. As long as your dental facility uses a denture repair lab onsite and offers same day dentures, you can get immediate dentures and get the kind of smile you want with no need to worry about how your smile looks to others.