Faster Turnaround Times with an Onsite Lab

Faster Turnaround Times with an Onsite LabFinding a dental care provider that utilizes an onsite lab can offer a patient the comfort and convenience they are looking for with fast and affordable service that they desire. Having an onsite lab can significantly cut down on a number of appointments that each patient needs to schedule. They can offer more affordable pricing because everything is done onsite and they can offer faster turnarounds and added convenience because both the dentist and the denture technician can work together and eliminate the need for any third party labs or services.

What Can an Onsite Lab Accomplish?

Improved Quality Control

An onsite lab can offer improved quality control. It awards the dentist more hands on control of the patient’s treatment and dentures so that they can help to ensure the quality of the services and products the patient is receiving. They can take the molds right there in the office and work can be immediately started to shape and form the patient’s dentures without having to wait and send the mold to an offsite laboratory.

Improved Overall Aesthetic

An onsite lab can also help accomplish the aesthetic the patient is looking for when it comes to their dentures and the way they look. The patient can receive more customized treatment so that the restoration looks the best that it can. They can also meet with the patient to discuss color options, shape, direction, and size as well.

Improved Levels of Convenience

When the patient finds a facility that has the dental lab onsite, they are able to cut down on the number of times they will need to visit the office, and they will not have to wait to have adjustments or repairs done because they can all be completed the same day. The patient will receive the most functional and pleasing results in a fraction of the time and will reduce the stress of having to book several appointments.

Overall, an onsite lab offers each patient affordability, convenience, and higher quality service. For what may take days at another facility, only takes one day to complete with an onsite laboratory.

With the faster turnaround, you can see improved results and can have all types of dentures made onsite, as well as receive immediate denture repairs and same day relines so you will never have to be without your smile.