Fixing The Problem Of Loose Dentures

Loose dentures are a big problem that just about all denture wearers are all too familiar with. When your dentures are loose, you’ll find that chewing is difficult, speaking and smiling is less confident, and you just can’t seem to free your mind from the discomfort your dentures are causing. Luckily for those who wear dentures today, there are many solutions one can pursue to fix loose dentures, and the right solution for you will depend on your individual denture issue.

The first thing you can try to fix loose dentures is a denture adhesive. In some instances, adhesives work wonderfully for some denture wearers, but the one they’ve chosen may not have the same quality it had before. When looking for a denture adhesive to stop loose dentures, it’s best to consult your dentist first to see what he or she has to recommend.

If a denture adhesive is something you’ve tried and don’t care for, mini dental implants can also be a great solution. Mini dental implants are a much smaller version of traditional dental implant posts, and they’re placed a few at a time into the jawbone as an anchor for your dentures. The dentures are fitted with small holes to snap onto the posts, and your dentures are held in tight with no adhesive necessary. This is an excellent option for those who have the bone density necessary to support the mini dental implants to act as anchors for the dentures.

Your loose dentures could also be caused because your dentures are in need of repair. The best way to fix loose dentures is to see your dentist first, and they will determine if the loose nature of the dentures is caused by a repair need. Same day dentures can ensure that your dentures are fixed properly, go back into your mouth without feeling loose, and you can go about your business with the teeth you need.

Loose dentures are something that no denture-wearer wants to find themselves dealing with. Whether you feel like a new adhesive is the answer, a mini dental implant, or a denture repair, your first visit when you sense your dentures are loose should be to your dental professional. With the help of your dentist, you’ll be able to determine the best course of action to take to stop loose dentures once and for all.